David Freeman Profile Picture

David Freeman

Producer | composer | arranger

David is a music and audio specialist based in Leeds, UK. He has a deep passion for his craft with an attention to detail and meticulousness that sets him apart from many of his peers. His music spans a wide range of styles, from the more organic and acoustic sounds of folk, blues, and singer-songwriter genres, to the hyper-realistic and in-your-face modern production of pop, rock, metal, electronic and cinematic genres. His versatility in both creative and technical skills enables him to work with a range of clients, no matter their style or the requirements of their project.

Cutting his teeth in his early career as a highly proficient and in-demand guitarist, he later had great success as a guitar tutor, having founded his own tuition business Guitar Practice. David still works as a tutor, musician, and live performer, which affords him a unique insight into the perspective of clients who are looking to capture the essence and sound of their music, and it helps him to seamlessly bridge the gap between artist and producer.

David is currently looking for new and challenging projects to work on and invites you to get in touch via the contact page if you are interested in working with him. You can also download a copy of his CV below if you would like to know more specific detail about his career and credentials.